Interview With "The Humans" Star, Richard Jenkins


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"The Humans" had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival and is now playing in limited release and streaming on Showtime. The film is an adaptation of the stage show of the same name by Tony Award winner Stephen Karam, who is making his feature-length directing debut here. The film utilizes an ensemble of incredible actors and leading them is Academy Award-nominee Richard Jenkins in one of his best performances to date as the patriarch of a family who has gathered in a broken down New York City apartment for Thanksgiving, each of them harboring secrets and challenges which make their way to the surface over the course of a single evening. Richard was kind enough to spend some time discussing his familiarity with the original show, working with the other actors and Karam, and a few thoughts on his upcoming role in "Nightmare Alley." Be sure to take a listen down below and enjoy!

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