How Saud Juman Used the Creative Well and Content Marketing to Start, Grow, and Exit Policy Medical


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How do you constantly come up with good ideas? How can you know what direction you should go in your business when you have a busy schedule and very little time to just think?

In my interview today with Saud Juman, we discount how to tap into the "creative well" and what exactly that is.

Saud started a company called almost 18 years ago. He exited the company about 2 years ago.

Policy Medical is a SaaS company that serves hospitals primarily to organize their policy documents.

Saud has a great creative framework for:

  • coming up with new SaaS or other ideas
  • deciding where to focus your time
  • What niche to go into

We talk about something that Saud calls the "Creative Well". Saud used the creative well to help him understand where his professional journey should go and eventually the ideas that became Policy Medical.

During the second half of the interview, we discuss content marketing strategies. Policy Medical has a really long sales cycle and the software can cost $50,000 or $100,000 or more.

He was able to apply the principles of content marketing, answering customers' questions, and even getting customers to write some of the content for them.

Listen in to hear how he navigated the content marketing process and how it helped grow Policy Medical into the business it became.

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