Episode 194: Student Ministry Pivots During COVID-19 with Justin Knowles


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In this episode, Justin Knowles explains how the youth ministry of Sandals Church has pivoted in the midst of COVID-19 and the key elements to their success. One of the key ideas Justin shares is how to delegate to leaders during this season and shift some responsibilities and empower others.

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Sandals Student Ministry at 11 campuses:

  • Pre-COVID
    • Franchise model: similar at some campuses, and different at others
    • Similar flow, same playlists, same camps, etc.
    • Small group, Large group model
    • Student leads would prepare video teaching, but do LIVE Intro and Outro to video
  • Small groups mid-week
  • Broadcast campus breaks into Junior High on Sunday mornings
    • Push towards serving and then attending Student service

During COVID-19:

  • Justin switched to being the main programming lead
  • Full backing of main production team to produce student services online
    • Switched to simulated LIVE after a couple of weeks
  • Measured engagement
    • Engagement has gone down – Zoom exhaustion
    • Noticed students watch the simulated LIVE (more engagement), but small groups have declined
    • Accurate measurements help you to pivot accurately

What are you doing to reach students:

  • Pre-service hangs
  • In the middle of a rebrand for Students
  • Social Media strategy
    • Handed this over to another youth ministry lead – delegation
  • Twitch Stream
    • Two youth pastors were already running it, so delegated to them
  • Youtube
    • Ministry is service-based, giving people what they need
    • Youtube is content-based, giving people what they want (so you can give them what they need)
  • Switching to recording in the studio rather than on the main stage
  • Moving all our volunteer training to ONLINE

Action Items

  1. Handoff something you're doing – like Justin is doing
  2. Get leaders connecting with students
  3. Create a new summer plan – pivot

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