Episode 240: Helping Kids Find Their Place in God’s Great Story with Co-Pastors Paul & Jim


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In this episode, Jim and Paul, co-pastors of Preston Trail Community Church reveal the heart behind their church's NextGen strategy and what prompted their book about God's Great Story. Jim and Paul also share some key insights into the success of their relationship as co-pastors.

PB & JJ (Paul Basden & Jim Johnson)

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Episode Notes

What does your ministry look like?

  • Submit to one another out of reverence to Christ… Ephesians 5:21
  • Trust each other implicitly – long friendship
  • Gifts complement one another (visionary communicator vs. pastor/shepherd)
  • Equal competence but different preaching styles
  • Strengths cancel out weaknesses
  • Unique factors that all work together
  • Same theologies, same demos, same passion

How did this new book come about?

  • Sermon series: God’s Big Story
  • Reasons: presence of biblical illiteracy within much of the church and Christianity; trying to create a resource to help give the foundation of God’s redemptive story
  • Doing three versions gives parents a tool to create a curriculum tp talk about God’s arc of redemption within the family and be able to connect with their kids
Talk about your strategy change within the church.
  • From Come and See —> Grow and Go
  • Pushed ministry outside the four walls of the church – but how do we connect the dots for all of these new attentions apart from the weekend services
  • “We want to grow as followers of Jesus so we can go wherever He leads us”

Why do you champion the next generation within the church?

  • Frisco demographic – More children birth thru 4 years old living in the local school district than there were all kids K-12th grade
  • If we are going to reach the community, we need to reach young families
  • Launched the church through Dude Ranch, a kids program geared toward the family while they met in a local school
  • Very first value… Think Family
  • After so many stories of broken families, realized we needed to focus just as much on marriage as we had been on parenting

Action Items

  1. Put the book in front of parents
  2. Check out 365discipleship.com
  3. Look out for the other versions of the books

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