Rise Up! Awakening Through Revelation with Suzanne Ross


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This mind-expanding, spiritually inspiring journey into the heart of creation will elevate and expand your awareness as a multi-dimensional being.You will virtually witness creation unfolding from the first thought in infinity to the expansion of eternity. You will experience yourself as a hologram of your eternal soul and realize that your soul is holographically fragmented into many time and space dimensions. This revelation will begin your quest to reunite your soul aspects and return to the fullest expression of who you are as both an eternal and immortal being. Your spirit will ascend, your mind will soar and your heart will expand through the daily revelations, powerful initiations and energetic activations. You will experience a profound sense of oneness as you realize all beings and things are of and from the same divine source. You will rejoice in the inner knowing that your soul is eternal and that you are both human and divine!Along the way, you will discover how the fundamental patterns of creation are subject to the power of your mind and as such, you will develop “Creator-consciousness.” Once you realize you are in fact a Creator, you will develop the ability to influence matter with sound resonance, visualization and pure intentions. Our ancient ancestors were aware of these advanced abilities and used them to erect megalithic temples in ages long past. We will embark on a virtual adventure into the ancient past and stand in awe and wonder as we gaze at the magnificent monuments left behind by the Mayans and Egyptians. We will explore their belief systems and discover who their celestial guides actually were. Ultimately, we will find that we are holographic beings in many time and space dimensions, real souls in eternity and divine beings in infinity. It’s time to experience all that you are – to know it, to be it and to expand within it.. Suzannerosswellness.com

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