Jesus, Aliens, and Curing a Broken Heart - Open Line Call in Show - Jan 24, 2021


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This weekend I took an idea I had for a test drive and it went so well that I think I may turn it into a regular event.

Here's what I did...

While broadcasting live on Youtube, My pal Aaron and I talked about some current ‘Nighttime’ adjacent events before opening the line for viewer call ins with a promise to send the night’s most memorable caller a Nighttime prize pack by mail.

My goodness it worked… one of the callers, from rural Ontario, I don't think I'll ever forget.

In tonight’s episode, I'm going to play you a large portion of this weekend's open line show.

It will start with my pal Aaron Corbett and I discussing some updates related to the Nova Scotia Rampage and the case of William Sandeson and Taylor Samson and then we will receive the call that won this week's prize pack… the story of aliens, Jesus, and the unexpected cure for a broken heart.

So let's get to it...

I present to you the Nighttime open line call in show for the week of Jan 24th.

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