NEP 091: Animal Crossing Fireworks, Dream Islands, and Cold Steel


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➡ This week on Nintendo Everything Podcast, Galen takes some advice from a listener and checks out 3000th Duel, while Oni Dino jumps into the deep end with Trails of Cold Steel III. Galen breaks down upcoming Animal Crossing goodness, and we fight about cloud gaming on Switch. Or something.

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- 06:41 – Adventure Log: Trails of Cold Steel III - 24:52 – Adventure Log: 3000th Duel - 39:43 – News Blast: Paper Mario’s game-breaking glitch, Animal Crossing big news and fireworks, Nintendo leaks and cracking down on hacking - 1:02:42 – Additional DLC & Listener Mail: Cloud gaming on Switch and the industry

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- Umurangi Generation Official Soundtrack

- Food Theory

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