Mullets, Chipotle, Thumbs, and Junk


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We give Javy and Francisco thumbs up for their right to not like being booed, and reiterate our official stance that although fans have the right to boo, it is really bad form and should be avoided except in a few very specific instances. In our boyfriend report, Andrew Stevenson’s mullet gets some press and ups his qHAR, Yoshi Tsutsugo finds comfort in Chipotles, and Iglesias is released to make room for Junk. Four teams and the League itself institute COVID vaccination requirements for non-player employees, and some long term staff would rather leave than get the shot. Recent outbreaks beg the question is a player’s “personal choice” to not be vaccinated harmful to their team’s chance in the playoffs? Oracle Park food concession workers vote to strike over lack of COVID protections, among other issues.

In the Police Blotter, we are angrier and more deeply disappointed all the time at Jonah Keri, who just pled guilty to more than a dozen domestic assault charges. The Nats model good behavior by releasing Starlin Castro at the end of his suspension, and taking responsibility for bringing him on in the first place. The Mets acting GM, who replaced the GM they fired for sending inappropriate communications to female journalists, was just arrested for DUI. Pitcher Josiah Gray gives back by donating autographed cleats for a fundraising auction at Adopt a Minor League Player. That same organization is raising funds for Somerset Patriots players, the Yankees AA affiliate, who lost cars and equipment and other belongings when Ida caused extreme flooding at their ballpark last week. Still waiting for the Yankees to pony up.

This weekend saw Baseball for All’s annual Maria Pepe series, hosted by NY Girls Baseball, and groundbreaker Maria was there, seeing the change she brought to the sport. Bryan Ruby, of the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, comes out as the one and only openly gay man in professional baseball. It’s 2021, people.

Jose Ramirez’s necklace, though.

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