188 - Transformation and The Five Elements with Rikki Lee


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Today is a special episode, part one of two, where we interview Rikki Lee. Rikki is a coach, teacher, and mentor to women who feel stuck in their lives, tethered to the pain and suffering that comes from years of feeling disconnected. Disconnected from who they are, from their true life purpose, and from the deep wisdom of their own hearts.

They say that those who have suffered understand suffering and so extend their hand to those who need it. Rikki has walked the path of disconnection and confusion and she knows what it is to experience deep internal pain. Life went from a narrow, deeply grooved path to a tributary of choice leading me to my highest potential. Because of her experiences, she can help you on this journey, too.

In her work, she has found that sometimes, the hardest truths act as the greatest catalysts for clarity. For many of us, this moment of clarity only comes after years of grinding ourselves into a miserable state, exhausted from trying to shove our lives into a “perfect” box. We become adept at living up to everybody else’s standards, totally unaware that we’re letting the wrong things dictate our value.

Listen in to part one where Rikki shares the first part of her journey to discovering transformation through the five elements.

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