Christy Miller: Meat In The Middle Of Nowhere


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No Ounce Wasted Christy Miller is opening Marfa Meats in Marfa, Texas, a place famous for being isolated. Her vision is to create a USDA-inspected and state-inspected processing facility and get a local economy started around the existing local ranchers, who typically ship cattle to be processed. As anyone in the industry knows, it takes a special kind of grit to convince ranchers, local real estate owners, USDA officials and consumers to get on board. Hailing from Indiana, Christy Miller comes from a background not in ranching, but finance. She arrived in Marfa five years ago, has slowly planted her feet in town full time and now is undertaking a meat processing plant project. (from Big Bend Sentinel) ~ More About No Ounce Wasted ~ Profit margin perils, mental health crises, employee challenges. Being a butcher is so much more than cutting meat. No Ounce Wasted is a safe space for butchers to share their successes and woes, so that we can all learn and grow together. Join host Bryan Mayer, butcher, educator and Team USA World Butcher Competition member, as he has honest conversations about staying sharp in the meat business. The Butchers Guild Member Community – Butchers of America – The Butchers Guild Team USA – To get more of No Ounce Wasted, be sure to visit the podcast page for replays of all the shows here:

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