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BOTANIST is a post-black metal band from San Francisco founded on the principle of "worship of the Natural world." A distorted hammered dulcimer stands in for guitars in Botanist, with drums free from editing in order to capture Otrebor at the "edge" of his ability. Otrebor channels an alter-ego with a romantic vision of a world overtaken by plant life, free from human interference. In a 2011 profile, NPR wrote, "You'd think... creepy, hammered-dulcimer black metal would get stale, but [Botanist] is surprisingly dynamic and hypnotic. The hammered dulcimer rings out and cuts like a blast-beated piano pounding paradiddles in some kind of black-metal drumline." Check out BOTANIST here. Listen to No-Prize From God: Playlist For the Podcast on Spotify. Follow No-Prize From God, Ryan J. Downey, and check out Downey's other podcasts: PopCurse (Musicians Talking Movies) and Speak N' Destroy (Interviews About Metallica).

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