Nodes of Design#70: Design + Music by R. Michael Hendrix


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R. Michael Hendrix is a design leader and musician currently; he is a Partner and Global Director of Design at IDEO and an Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music. As a graphic designer, he has received more than 50 awards from major U.S. design associations and publications. He is also a keynote speaker on various occasions and a regular guest lecturer at universities including Harvard, Mass Art, RISD and the University of Tennessee. He co-authored the book with Panos Panay, SVP of Global Strategy & Innovation at Berklee, on shared mindsets of musicians and designers named two beats ahead.

In this episode, Michael shared great insights on Design + Music. He spoke on the connection between music and design in narrating a story and how designer and musician's creative process and mindset are similar. We then discussed how designers could get inspired by musicians to unlock creative inspiration and innovation through active collaboration.

Takeaways:- Collaboration is a key aspect of music and design, How to follow a passion and create a roadmap, Building a seeking mindset.

The Book by Michael - two beats ahead -

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