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We are absolutely stoked to have Rafe Blandford on the podcast this week.
From his early days covering pre-Symbian products to the heady Nokia days, Rafe has been a staple of the tech world, reporting on the latest Nokia mobile news and reviews. In today's episode we cover his blogging origins, his passion and love for what Nokia has done through their devices & services, and his immense love for the community Nokia has fostered. Rafe also shares his thoughts on where mobile technology is heading in the future, and we get an answer to the lingering question: will we ever see Rafe in front of a camera anytime soon?

A thoroughly enjoyable episode - do check Rafe and his 361 Degrees podcast out on the socials below:

Where to find Rafe:


Twitter: https://twitter.com/rafeblandford

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rafeblandford/

361 Degrees Podcast: https://www.361podcast.com/ & https://twitter.com/361podcast

AllAboutMobile: https://allaboutmobile.com/

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