Robin Parry - A Hope in Hell? [Revisited] (N256)


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Every month we produce a podcast for our supporters called Nomad Revisited. In each episode Tim and Nick enter the Nomad archive and chose an episode from the last 12 years, and spend an hour or so reflecting on how their faith has evolved since then. It’s an exercise in self forgiveness and compassion, as they are often confronted with terrible interview technique, poor audio quality and very earnest, evangelical theology! This month we thought we’d put one of these episode on Nomad’s main feed, as a free taster. It’s a 2014 conversation with the author of the book The Evangelical Universalist, Robin Parry. At the time Tim and Nick would have considered ‘evangelical universalism’ an oxymoron, and a slippery slope to liberalism. But how do they view it now?

Interview starts at 21m 56s

Show Notes

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