Mastering Dentistry Series Episode 4: Innovation and Digital Dentistry with Dr. Jeff Sumner


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Welcome to another episode of the Mastering Dentistry series, a place for you to learn and get inspired. I am Dr. Zeyad Hammad and it’s my absolute privilege to interview my amazing guest today, Dr. Jeff Sumner. Dr. Sumner is a Canadian pioneer in digital dentistry and has been a digital dentist since 2009. A prominent mentor, he loves to share his passion of everything digital as a mentor through multiple venues as a speaker, lecturer, and a key opinion leader. His passion for dentistry shows in his exemplary work and is rivaled only by his humbleness. This podcast will discuss his mindset to success and his take one technologies, digital dentistry, and advice for dentists trying to get into the digital arena. I wish you enjoy this podcast, get inspired, and hopefully, learn something new.

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