NDP Episode 48: Advanced General and Aesthetic Dentistry with Dr. Clarence Tam


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In this weeks episode I sat down with Dr. Clarence Tam out of New Zealand to talk about her dental journey. Dr. Tam is originally from a suburb of Toronto and went to my alma mater, University of Western Ontario for both her undergrad and dental school. She then completed a 1 year GPR at the prestigious Sick Kid’s Hospital in Toronto prior to eventually moving down to New Zealand. She is CPD junkie and became the first AACD accredited dentist in New Zealand, she has almost finished the Kois modules and is someone who has really made a lasting impression on me when it comes to dental education and pursuit of excellence. Dr. Tam is also heavily involved in teaching and runs Skulpting Skool 101 a hands on anterior and posterior composite workshop.

Since recording this podcast, I have indeed signed up for Kois myself and am heading over in December for the first 2 modules.

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Henry Schein Halas: https://henryschein.com.au

Dr Clarence Tam teamed up with Hu-Friedy to bring you the Skool Toolz kit, high quality XTS composite instruments that won’t flake or discolour your restorations. Hu-Friedy XTS instruments are made from Immunity Steel for longer life with lightweight handles providing maximum comfort. For 15% off the Clarence Tam Skool Tools Kit, call the friendly team at Henry Schein on 1300 65 88 22 and use the code CLARENCE to receive 15% off. That’s 1300 65 88 22 for 15% off.

Email: events@henryschein.com.au

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