NDP Episode 49: The Relentless Dentist with Dr. David Maloley


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I am super pumped about this this weeks episode as I got the chance to sit down with someone I really look up to. A podcaster, author, speaker, coach and mentor – Dr. David Maloley runs the Relentless Dentist podcast and has co-authored the Titans of Dentistry book.

I first heard Dr. Maloley speak on the Dentalpreneur Podcast and his talk really made a big impact on me. David is a huge proponent of self improvement and chasing after your ideal work life balance. He has a very powerful story and message about how we over came a lot of adversity in his own life and how instilling habits created the discipline needed to overcome and excel in these tough moments.

In this episode we talk about a lot of about the mindset, clarity, goal setting and execution required to create the lifestyle that you want and ultimately try and be happy. Happy with your work, happy with your life and constantly trying to better yourself as a person.

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