NDP Episode 50: Financial literacy for the Noobie Dentist with Dr. Sunny Pahouja


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In this episode I sat down with Dr. Sunny Pahouja who is a dentist in the United States and the man behind the popular facebook group Dental Investment Group. In this episode we spend a lot of time talking about financial topics for new grads. Loan repayment vs Investing in assets, when is the right time to buy a house or a practice and much more.

I certainly learned a lot from this chat and I’m sure you guys will get a ton of value out of it as well. Sunny is very knowledgeable and shares a lot of very important tips and experiences with us. As a disclaimer, the advice given on this episode is general in nature and in no way specific to you and your financial situation. It is meant to be educational and to promote these concepts so you can take them and do your own research, consult professionals and decide what is best for you.

This is my 50th episode and a very special milestone to hit! Looking back at all the amazing guests that have come on the podcast, I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to talk to some of the brightest young stars in our profession and I hope that you guys as the listeners are getting a ton of value out of it as well. For me it is very special to be able to contribute something to our amazing profession and I am very excited about growing as a clinician and using this podcast as a means of helping others grow as well.

So thank you to all the long-time listeners, your support and has helped me continue to put in the hours of work to make this podcast possible. If you are new to this podcast, welcome, I hope you get a lot of out it and definitely make sure you go back and listen to some of the older episodes as well.

As always if you can head over to iTunes and give this podcast a 5 start rating and leave a review I would be very grateful.

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