NDP Weekly Mentorship Series Episode 9: Talent vs Effort and the Importance of Grit


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In this week's episode I summarize what I have learned from Angela Duckworth's book Grit. I recently finished this book and it has become one of my recent favourites and so I am excited to share what I have learned from it.

Grit - explores what it takes to become successful in any line of work. Is it talent? Is it hard work?

Angela Duckworth concludes the following:

talent x effort = skill skill x effort = achievement

therefore, talent counts once and effort counts twice.

She Concludes that grit is the biggest indicator for success and that grit comes from: Develop a fascination 1. Aim for daily improvements 2. Compete with who you were yesterday 3. Greater Purpose – find purpose in what you do. 4. Adopt a growth mindset

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