Ep 63 - Niflheim and the Return of The Seawolf


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It's always fun to have returning guests! This week Mathias and Daniel are sitting down for the second time with Andrew Saulf aka The Seawolf. In the world of Viking themed music Andrew has a unique angle producing more chilled out low-fi tacks which he jokingly describes as: "chill viking beats to study to." If you listen carefully you may even hear a familiar voice on one of the tracks of his new Album Niflheim!
Also There was a blizzard going on in Colorado during recording, so Mathias's audio this week is pretty bad. Thanks in advance for bearing with us.
If you would like to listen to Andrew's new album you can find it at: spotify.com/album/5IkwPsfcPB7aN7rNKtqv9S
You can learn more about his unique musical approach at: instagram.com/low.vi.music

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