Ep 72 - Living Tradition with Icelandic Völva Tanya Lind


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This week Mathias and Daniel are sitting down with Tanya Lind, a modern day Völva of the Icelandic tradition. Together with the boys she'll be discussing the roots of her practice starting with Völuspá in the Poetic Edda and contrasting with her own contemporary experiences. Also, Dan discusses his childhood fear of ghosts, and a guest appearance by a cat wearing a loud bell (it goes away quickly, don't worry). Are those two things related? Well, it's complicated...

If you would like to learn more about the organization Tanya mentioned, Heathen Women United, you can find out more at: Heathenwomenunited.org

Mathias also recently wrote a book about volcanoes and their effect on Nordic Mythology which you can find it at: aup.nl/en/book/9781641892926/volcanoes-in-old-norse-mythology

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