Ep 75 - Is Thor the Real All-Father? With Terry Gunnell


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This week on NMP we are so excited to have one of our dream guests! Mathias and Daniel are sitting down with none other than professor Terry Gunnell; in fact Dan was so excited that he read his first ever academic article in preparation (we're so proud). Terry is a well known expert in Nordic and Icelandic folklore, who has also written many of the crew at NMP's favorite books, and even taught Mathias a few times! Together with the boys Terry will be talking about the Prose Edda, specifically why the text places so much significance on Odin. Is he really the head of the pantheon, or was Thor perhaps the real All-Father all along? Well, it's complicated...
If you're inspired by Daniel and would like to read more of Terry's work you can find it at: Academia.edu/TerryGunnell

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