CAVO Ep. 46: The Next Big Organizational Experiment


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We are now entering the next big organizational experiment – hybrid working combined with working from home/anywhere. Employees want to keep the flexibility they enjoyed during the pandemic and companies realize that employees can be productive outside of the offices. As hybrid working is one of the most challenging remote configurations, in this episode Theresa S. Hollema and Pilar Orti will focus on the opportunities, risks, and plans. Theresa is a trainer, consultant, and author of Virtual Teams Across Cultures, and leads the team at Interact Global. Pilar is a consultant and multi-time author, most recently of Online Meetings That Matter, host of the highly recognized podcast 21st Century Worklife, and Director of the team at Virtual Not Distant. Theresa and Pilar have a highly engaging conversation on the latest developments on the topic and what they see companies doing. The conversation will range from inclusion to technology to decreasing the agenda-filled video meetings.

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