SE 2 / EP 1 (The Cult Of Archon vs The Evil Microsoft Corporation)


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Wilson Rabello & GRJDwyer finally return in 2021 with NORTHERN UNDEAD ASYLUM!
Now in hiding, on a remote ice station in Antarctica, our heroes talk games, films, and all things nerd as they, like everyone else on this doomed planet, try to get through the pandemic.
What they don't know is that the EVIL Microsoft Corporation is hunting them for something they have found in the panic. Will our favorite band of rebels discover the secrets that they hold, or will the CULT OF ARCHON get there first. A step away from the Dark Souls formula as G and Wilson try to cram every terrible game, movie, and comic they have EVER come across in to the following episodes. As they are guaranteed to get vaporized at some point!
Join them on thier quest as they once more invite you to...
Series 2
Episode 1
'The Cult Of Arhon and The Galactic Evil Microsoft Corporation
Northern Undead Asylum - Jan 2021
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