Blunting the Impact of COVID-19 with Dr. Robert L. Murphy


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Dr. Robert L. Murphy, Executive Director of the Feinberg Institute for Global Health, addresses how to blunt COVID-19 impact most effectively and the price we will have to pay if we don’t. He will also speak about how we might use our experiences to better prepare for future global pandemics.
Coronavirus-19 is much more than a viral infection, with a mortality rate at least five times greater than influenza. Reverberations include stressing our health care system to the point of partial collapse, unemployment greater than that seen in the Great Depression, an economic recession bigger than the one in 2008, and a social isolation never before experienced on the scale that is soon to arrive.
This is Episode 2 of Northwestern Buffett Institute for Global Affairs "Confronting COVID-19: Global Implications and Futures" webinar series.

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