The Jeffisode: I Am Right: The Five Year Gap Was Bad


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Hello and welcome to the NotACast, the one true chapter-by-chapter podcast going through A Song of Ice and Fire one chapter a week! In this episode, Emmett is taking a well-deserved week off which means that Jeff will inflict himself upon you all by taking a look at the Five Year Gap and why it was bad. Also, you're a coward if you disagree with me. This week, we:

- Define what the Five-Year Gap was and how it came into existence

- Talk about all of the plots GRRM had in mind for a post-five year gap version of ADWD

- Talk about which characters the gap worked well for and which it didn't

- Argue that the Five-Year Gap was bad in many way

- Ask whether the Five-Year Gap is truly gone.

Next week: Emmett's doppelganger/boyfriend Mance Rayder has a few questions for Jon Snow. Just a few in ASOS, Jon I! Our patreon: Our merch store: Our twitter: Our facebook: Our youtube page:…iew_as=subscriber Emmett's twitter: Jeff's twitter:

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