Antidote For Inward Eyes


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Modernity is Fractured. Our beliefs are fractured, our minds are fractured, & our daily lives leave us feeling disconnected. As the social fabric disintegrates, we pull inward, where (we think) it’s safe. But this separation has its own cost. Rather than experiencing life as one part of a bigger plan, We become trapped as the gods of the tiny world inside our mental snow globes. But there is more. There is a life beyond the self, a beauty beyond us, a truth outside of us. There is more. Today on #NotAVictim we read an excerpt from ‘The Master and His Emissary’ by Iain McGilchrist on the inward eyes of the modern mind, then we dive into the antidote as characterized in “Manalive” by G.K. Chesterton Sources:

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