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PETE DAVIS is a civic advocate from Falls Church, Virginia. He works on projects aimed at deepening American democracy and solidarity. Pete is the co-founder of the Democracy Policy Network, a state policy organization focused on raising up ideas that deepen democracy. In 2015, he cofounded Getaway, a company that provides simple, unplugged escapes to tiny cabins outside of major cities. His Harvard Law School graduation speech, “A Counterculture of Commitment,” has been viewed more than 30 million times.

IN THIS EPISODE… Joe and Pete talk about the concept that we are part of a generation that was told to keep our options open; when we were trying to find a job or in our personal lives when dating and trying to find a partner. Even at the most basic level, scrolling through Netflix unable to choose one movie or show. Pete also discusses stories of historical dedication and how it has progressed over the year, and not always in a positive direction. Specifically how all the new apps and trends are conditioning us to have even less dedication. Most importantly Joe and Pete talk about some great tactical ways you can start dedicating yourself to a goal today.

Breakdown with Pete Davis:

Chapter 1 (0:00) Intro Joe introduced Pete Davis

Chapter 2 (2:00) Digging into dedication

Chapter 3 (3:43) The inspiration for the book

Chapter 4 (6:46) Historical stories

Chapter 5 (11:27) Make a decision

Chapter 6 (18:08) Be confident in your choices

Chapter 7 (23:00) Making your commitments count

Chapter 8 (25:41) Excel at a few things

Chapter 9 (35:04) Enjoy the process

Chapter 10 (40:20) Everyday examples of dedication

Chapter 11 (49:34) Adding chapters to the book

Chapter 12 (50:02) Wrap Up Joe wraps up the episode and shares his takeaways

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