CL The Taco Bell Queen


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It's a brief (for us) recording of this episode, as there just isn't much going on in K-pop at the moment. But is that a good, or bad thing? Of course, there is still some tomfoolery about, as I.M. gets slammed for wearing a sacred religious prayer, Jamie incomprehensively calls herself a Black queen, and CL becomes the unofficial mascot of an American fast food chain. Join us for the discussion, and don't forget to like and subscribe! Timestamps: What have we been listening to 0:41 Comebacks 5:34 CL is the first K-pop idol to star in an American commercial 19:20 Elkie leaves Cube 28:23 TXT's Yeonjun will be performing New York Fashion Show: 35:03 Jamie calls herself a Black queen 44:57 IM wears clothing that includes Muslim prayers; Starship apologizes and removes offensive clothing from promos 54:29 K-pop songs from our fav Black writers and producers 1:04:53 D.O. is cast in Kdrama remake of a Taiwanese film 1:13:47 Taecyeon is also cast in new Kdrama 1:15:05 Shout Outs 1:19:42

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