Wrath of the Righteous - Nell vs the Evil Cleric!


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We introduced out new campaign idea of Wrath of the Righteous! It is a Pathfinder adventure path from 1st edition which we will be converting into Pathfinder 2nd Edition. Listen to us talk about what characters we are thinking of playing, as well as the work we already done to convert some of the player options. Listen to us joke around, talk shop, laugh, and have fun as we get amped up for our new campaign.

If your interested in what we converted so far from Wrath of the Righteous, check our website at www.nvngpodcast.com for any files we upload under the socials section.

While in the underground, below the city, the party comes across a temple of Torag, the Dwarven creation god. Strange place for a temple?! While the party approches causiously, they enter, and discover what lies within. Some nasty undead had made this place their home, desecrating the once holy place. During the scuffle, Nell grabs a hold of the holy symbol of Torag to vanquish the foes, and the holy symbol glows with power, melting the face of the undead creature. But is that the end of it, or does something else happen, as the Unseen Forces trigger another Boss Encounter!?

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With our Forever GM Jared leading the charge, Lets introduce our characters for this game, well, for as long as they survive!

Fabio will be playing the human Swashbuckler, Hennessy!

Zach will be playing the human Sorcerer, Artura!

Jeff will be playing the hobgoblin Wizard, Sortok!

Tina will be playing the dwarf Champion, Nell!

Steve will be playing the elf Fighter, Conner!

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