Makor Update and Event Preview on JM in the AM


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Nachum hosted Stephen Glicksman, Director of Clinical Innovation/Developmental Psychologist at Makor Disability Services, for a preview of the Makor Disability Services livestream event and Charidy fundraiser coming up next week.

From the Makor website:

Makor Disability Services/Women’s League Community Residences is a professional organization committed to the philosophy that every person, regardless of his or her level of ability, must be treated with the utmost dignity and respect. It is our belief that every person with intellectual and developmental challenges should be afforded the opportunity to maximize his or her functional, social and intellectual potential. This is accomplished through appropriate, individualized, person-centered programming. In addition, each person should be living in an atmosphere of acceptance, warmth, understanding, and security that upholds the rights of each individual and provides developmental opportunities both individually and as a member of the community.

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