Ep 02: Nicola's Journey and how she arrived into being a Breath Coach ?


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Welcome to Episode 2.

In this episode we chat to Nicola (Co -founder of Nurture Hub)

Nicola is a Wife, Mother, and loves all things pregnancy and birth.

Over 20 Years as a body worker, pilates practitioner, breath coach

Nicola had a deep calling to work with pregnancy, birth and postpartum women after landing into an unexpected birth of her best friends first baby. It was after this her passion grew strong to help women, support women in all capacities from birth, to death, in all the life loops. One very noticeable link in all of her work was the Breath and how so many people where unable to take a simple deep breath.

We discuss Nicola's own pregnancies, miscarriage, births and how she arrived into breath coaching.

Nicola shares her ups and down's during her own pregnancy journey, and how things where quite different then she had imagined at the age of 38, heading into motherhood.

Sit back and enjoy her story.

If you are looking to work with Nicola and gain more support with using breath with Pregnancy, birth and beyond please visit her on


If your looking to connect with us and want our support, or just needing to feel to connected to more women navigating this time in life then come and join our community on www.nurturehub.community

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Love Shari & Nicola

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