Ep: 04 - Lactation and Breast Feeding with Adrienne Wheatley


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Adrienne Wheatley supports Mums from Birth to Breastfeeding. With over 30 years of experience as a Midwife and a. Certified Lactation Consultant, Adrienne brings so much knowledge and support to every women and baby she meets.

Today was very special as we were able to invite onto the podcast not only Adrienne to discuss breast feeding issues but also a new mum Elle (from our nurture hub community ) with her 2 week old baby boy Asher, they are experiencing some really tough moments in breast feeding and we get to listen to the beautiful advice and discussion as Adrienne, consults live on line with Elle. It was very thought provoking and such a valuable session for Elle. We really hope you can also learn from this valuable episode that Breast Feeding can be tough but seeking help is vital.

While you're listening to this podcast, If you are experiencing any feeding issues, please ensure you seek professional help with a lactation consultant in your area. Please understand that the advice given was specific for Elle and her baby.

To connect with Adrienne please visit:-

@ John Flynn Hospital / Baby & Mother Unit

For Online service - Contact via clicking the link

Instagram - Adriennelactation

Facebook - AdrienneLactationConsultant

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