Ep: 20 The Limbic Imprint with Nicole Moore from Birth Into Being


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Birth matters!! The way we live, love and parent, is deeply impacted by birth.

Birth has become immersed in a culture of fear and trauma.

But you don’t need to accept this as your reality.

Our babies’ births are significant, creating imprints within their neurobiology and emotional life.

For our babies’ optimum development, for ourselves as parents, for the blessed unfolding of our lives together; we need to bring them in gently, with love.

Our responsibility as parents is to create the best possible circumstances, for them to have the gift of the most gentle, loving arrival possible.

We want to imprint our young, our future generations with love, not fear.

In this beautiful interview with Nicole Moore from 'Birth Into Being' and shares about how during our pregnancy we imprint our babies with our feelings and emotions and Nicole helps women understand what they can do to release any fears, worries, stress and anxiety during pregnancy.

You can find Nicole: www.birthintobeing.com.au

Follow Nicole on Instagram: @birthintobeing

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