Ep:16 The Importance of the Breath, during your Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond


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This episode is Nicola’s soul purpose in her life, a personal mission to breathe women in readiness for Pregnancy / Birth and beyond, together we delve into how breathing helps prepare couples to become parents and how to understand the power of breathing as you head towards birth and parenting. This is often a missing link in life, most women are not breathing well and that in itself can cause anxiety.

Nicola & Shari chat through how they have experienced personally and how they have assisted many couples to breathe more effectively during birth and during pregnancy. They also share how Breathwork helped them through their own births.

If you are looking to work with Nicola and gain more support, understand how to breathe in pregnancy / birth and beyond, please visit her on www.nicolalaye.com

If you want to learn more about Hypnobirthing and how to breathe with your partner in birth, contact Shari www.belly2birth.com.au

Sit back and enjoy this episode.

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