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Today we are interviewing Nikki McCahon, a most inspiring, beautiful woman, a Mumma and a wife.

This episode is Insightful and brilliant for all mums to be and all those in the thick of post partum stage.

Nikki is a Matrescence Educator and Women’s life cycle guide

Nikki is the founder of ‘The Dear Mama Project’ podcaster, a coach a facilitator of intimate women’s circles and workshops both in person and online.

Nikki believes ‘When a baby is born, so too is a mother. Both are vulnerable, unsteady and trying to make sense of this new world’

Motherhood unravels us, and reweaves us. It leaves no woman as it found her. It cracks us open, takes us to our edges. It’s both beautiful and brutal, often at the same time.

Nikki’s journey with matrescence and initiation into this work was painful, joyful, challenging and disorientating. Whilst it didn’t feel like it at the time, it was the making of her as a person. Nikki created the Dear Mama Project as a soft landing place for you to explore your own transformation.

Enjoy every moment and here are some details if you wish to connect with Nikki after this episode.


Nikki’s online courses / workshops


Nikki’s podcast

Apple :- https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/dear-mama-project/id1476334846

Spotify:- https://open.spotify.com/show/2AW4ITEvIOeDuFLeNTrUz5

Contact Nikki hello@dearmamaproject.com

If you are looking to work with Nicola and gain more support, understand how to breathe in pregnancy / birth and beyond, please visit her on www.nicolalaye.com

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