NTRW Season 2 Ep 11 - Health Benefits of Wild Brown Millet


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Through gentle stone grinding, all the vital components of our Wild Brown Millet are retained in a bio-available form. Wild Brown Millet can be eaten raw or used in baking. Whole Grains – highest minerals and trace elements content of all grains Gluten Free – completely free of gluten and common allergens Wild-form – grown in Austrian fields that are isolated from industrial activities
Certified Organic – highest standards of organic guidelines. Comments made on the show have not been evaluated by Health Canada or the FDA and are not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnosis any disease. Full disclaimer at BGangel.com
A Major Source of Silicium (Silica)
The role of silicium is as important as calcium; while calcium strengthens the bones, silicium increases elasticity and facilitates the articulations of connective tissue. 100g of our Wild Brown Millet contains 550mg of organic silica

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