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Hey guys! I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jimmy Moore, podcaster and international best-selling author of numerous books.

We discuss the following in chronological order:

  1. Jimmy Moore’s introduction and of all the books he’s written and co-wrote, which one is his favorite?
  2. Jimmy has evolved with low carb, keto, fasting, carnivore and now he even focuses on mental health? Why is that?
  3. As the carnivore diet grows, there are many different opinions (fasting vs not, carbs vs not, fruits vs not, etc.), and people ask me, “How do you know who to follow?” What are Jimmy’s thoughts on this?
  4. Jimmy’s thoughts on being flexible but staying true to a diet for simplicity or clarity?
  5. Why is there so much in-fighting in diet communities? Is it motives? Beliefs in that one shiny gold thing? Why do people fear monger with their old diet?
  6. N= 1 is not n= everyone. Social media / internet vs real life.
  7. How has Jimmy dealt with naysayers? How to stay strong with people that take very strong opposing views?
  8. Does Jimmy think there’s an ideal diet for everyone? What are some “diet rules” that seem to work for many?
  9. Thoughts on the opinions in the diet communities that women especially need carbs for hormone health, or that driving insulin too low (with low carbs) is not ideal for optimal health. Should we cycle in and out of ketosis?
  10. Jimmy has done books, podcasts, videos, talks and “meat-ups.” What has he found to be the best way to evoke change, or make things stick?
  11. Where does Jimmy see our food and alternative wellness going from here? There’s obviously censorship happening and even a promotion of plant-based foods. Thoughts and how to best prepare?
  12. Biggest tips to help people eat this way long term? Tried and true advice in nutrition and wellness?
  13. Where can people find you and your many, many books?








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