'Planchette' & 'A Visit from the Greys (Aliens)' by Drac Von Stoller


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Episode Notes

This week I check in with an author I've read before by reading about greedy teens who search for a haunted ouija board, and a greedy family who battle aliens to keep an anal probe. We learn:

  • Drac has fallen off the map, and I'm worried about him
  • I've coined the phrase "Glenergy" to describe what makes my show so successful
  • My kid likes the 'Let Me Tell You Somethin' Bitch' podcast
  • I should have had you dress like George Clooney for the romance portion
  • The 'Ladies Fright' podcast still keeps pissing me off
  • I'm going to become financially destitute because of the trees in my yard

Go on, read it for yourself: https://bookshop.org/books/31-horrifying-tales-from-the-dead/9781540800541

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