31. Talking Energy Grades and Efficiency with Jeffrey Carleton of Carleton Energy Consulting


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Host Mark Levine of NYC Property Management company EBMG sits down with Jeffrey Carleton of Carleton Energy Consulting to talk about NYC's energy initiatives for buildings over 25,000sf. These include Local Law 84, 87, 95 and 133.

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Topics covered on this episode include yearly benchmarking data (also the components that are reported), every ten-year filings (50,000sf+ as per LL 87), Energy Grades and how they need to be posted, sources of energy loss, future predictions and more.

As a reminder, all buildings over 25,000sf are now required to post their yearly energy grade on the front door of the building. The grades are as follows: A (85+), B (70 - 84), C (55 - 69). D (Under 54), N (Not Needing to File), F (Failed to File).

We'll be watching these energy grades year after year to see how we can make our buildings more efficient so that we are not penalized in 2030, when energy usage is required to be reduced by up to 80%.

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