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Episode 128 In this episode of the Observers Notebook podcast, host Tim Robertson talks to the Uranus Section Coordinator, Richard Schmude. Richard gives us a brief history of the Uranus Section and discusses what type of equipment is needed to contribute to the section, and also the various observing programs available, and contact information. You can contact Richard at: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto and How to Observe Them For more information you can visit the ALPO web site at: You can also support this podcast at Patreon: Listen to the podcast on Soundcloud: Subscribe on iTunes: I want to thank the Producers of this podcast, Steve Siedentop and Michael Moyer for their generous support of the Observers Notebook. Our Patreons: Jerry White Jason Inman Matt Will Steve Seidentop Matthew Benton Ken Poshedly Stephen Bennett Michael Moyer Shawn Dilles Frank Schenck Damian Allis Carl Hergenrother

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