#217 Has God Become Irrelevant?


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Show Notes Church attendance has declined by 23% since 2000. In 2000 around 70% of Americans claimed to attend some kind of “house of worship.” In 2020 that number has declined to 47% Why? THIS Show is all about the “personness” of God, that God does have the same feelings as we. Suffering, mourning, joy, and exuberance—all are attributes of God… just rarely discussed Most people, Christians even, have been raised on perceptions of God that, although perhaps mostly true, are radically incomplete. In the USA, when most people think of God they imagine a punitive and angry old, white male. While the real image of a poor and humble Jesus, dedicated to serving the poor and disenfranchised comes not to mind; nor does the OT God who suffers. That is our subject today in the chat with Charlie and Producer Paul.

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