Meet the 1st PEDEGO Electric Bike dealer


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In episode one, we heard the story of how Don DiCostanzo (founder of Pedego Electric Bikes) discovered a niche and a need for electric bikes (particularly among aging baby boomers who loved the fun of riding a bike again but struggled getting back up the hill and back home after their adventure was over). And how he created a "proof of concept store" to prove he could sell them next to the Crab Cooker on Balboa Peninsula (here in OC).
But how did that lead Don to start opening MORE stores and build his own dedicated dealer network (a rarity even in today's EBike business)? Meet Tom Bock, another aging baby boomer seeking a fun and profitable "lifestyle business" he could use to ride out the next chapter in his life. Who walked into Don's life at a trade show and said "I want to be your first dealer". And how (together) they figured out the whole dealer formula and turned it into the remarkable success it's become today (as they near 200 Pedego dealers nationwide...with double that number planned in the next few years).
Listen to Tom's passion for the product and his sound reasoning why he sees Pedego's dealer network continuing to grow (even in a world where brick and mortar stores are contracting). Due to their multi-pronged strategy of sales, service and rentals (a big part of how they get people to try before they buy and pay for their retail store concept).
It's all here in this week's second episode of The Pedego Podcast: Riding the EBike Revolution. On Orange County's only community radio station, OC TALK RADIO. Streaming live from the University of California's BEALL APPLIED INNOVATION CENTER Thursdays at noon PT.

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