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Join us as we enter the final preliminary round of our World Cup of Bond Villains. Our mammoth qualification period comes to an end.

In this final round we assess the effectiveness or otherwise of Alec Trevelyan, Elektra King, Gustav Graves and Dominic Green. Quite the farrago of felony I'm sure you'll agree.
With the exception of Trevelyan in Goldeneye, the movies in which these characters appear are not among the most celebrated among critics and Bond fandom (although all these films have there defenders).
Together, Gary, Graham and Terry get to the roots of these villains and tries to find the best of the parts of them, with varying degrees of success. We also take the time to pay homage to Robert Carlyle, relegated to the status of henchman in The World is Not Enough.
Listen out for some blistering takes from Gary's washing machine.
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As promised, the link to our World Cup of Bond Films is here.
And the link to our commentary is here.

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