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Gary, Graham and Terry are kicking off 2018 with a thorough examination of the world of James Bond villainy.
Over the next few months we'll be dissecting all the Bond villains, before slowly lowering them into a shark tank, closing the doors and assuming the it all goes to plan.
At the conclusion of our exhaustive dive into this cavalcade of fearsome fiends we will hold a World Cup of Bond Villains, deciding once and for all, who is the greatest of them all... in our opinion.
We kick off our festival of villainy with the most notorious fiend: Ernst Stavro Blofeld in all his guises. Blofeld first appears in the Ian Fleming novels and the subsequent films. At first he appears only in the shadows before he is revealed in dramatic fashion in You Only Live Twice.
We look at how differently this character has changed with the different actors that have portrayed 007's most infamous nemesis.

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