Ken finally gets his Volcano - You Only Live Twice


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Love it or hate it, there is no denying that You Only Live Twice is an unforgettable movie.

The lavish sets, exotic locations, and iconic villain mark it as one of the most visually impressive Bond films which has, over time, become a cultural touchstone.

That said the movie is flawed and not without its critics.

In this episode of The Oddjob Pod, Gary, Graham and Terry discuss this penultimate official Bond outing of Sean Connery. We celebrate its triumphs and call out its failures and ask ourselves where it sits in our affection. (spoiler: some of us love this movie more than others).

So what are you waiting for, Bondsan. Grab your Japanese wig, slap on those eye-pieces, pour yourself a stiff measure of Siamese Vodka and download the podcast now.

Or you can listen to it on the player below.

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