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The early 90s was a fallow period for James Bond fans. With Tim Dalton confirmed as not returning to the role of 007 and Eon Productions embroiled in legal disputes it looked like JB may never return to the big screen.

And James Bond was also meeting his match in the shape of a host of ambitious action and spy thrillers produced by the emboldened Hollywood studios. Be they working class heroes like John McClane and Martin Riggs to CIA agent Jack Ryan. Or the big budget Arnold Schwarzenegger blockbuster True Lies and lower budget, innovative action flicks Point Break and Speed. There was also the influence of French action film director Luc Besson on Tinseltown in the shape of the outstanding Leon. Plus many more that we didn't get to.
In this edition of the Oddjob Pod we take a look at some of the great action movies that flourished in Bond's absence and ask what kind of challenges they set to the 007 franchise when it finally returned in 1995 with Goldeneye.

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