Thunderball was a box office smash so why doesn't it work for many Bond fans?


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Fancy cars, smart suits, exotic locations, fiendish plots, and beautiful girls. Thunderball has all the ingredients to be a classic James Bond film, including the box office receipts.

The fourth entry into the James Bond franchise, released in 1967, was the most successful until Skyfall in 2012. And yet if you ask many Bond aficionados to rank their favourites, Thunderball will not rate highly.

In this episode of the OddjobPod, Gary, Graham, and Terry take a deep dive into this film and articulate why it disappoints when stacked up against other Bond movies, especially its illustrious predecessor, Goldfinger.

We also answer the burning question: if Thunderball were a Premier League club, who would be their manager?

So plug in those ear pods, don your scuba gear and download the podcast or listen to it on the player below.

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