"Almost Destroying my Family [with Bowen's Theory]" by Avrum Nadigel


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With Avrum Nadigel, we discussed:

  • Punk rock and Avrum's introduction into Systems Theory.
  • How Avrum disrupted his system by changing relationship with his mother (breaking the triangle).
  • The lesson's of Bowen's Theory leading Avrum to dating differently and eventually marriage!
  • Avrum speaks on (not) giving advice and creating a space to think differently; to allow for systems thinking.
  • ... and more, from a son's relationship to a dad, relationships's not being easy, National Treasure, etc.

Avrum's Resource Recommendations...:

  • Roberta Gilbert (Extraordinary Relationships)
  • Jenny Brown
  • John Engles (everything!)
  • David Schnarch

You can connect with Avrum Nadigel at morethanlove.ca. Be on the look out for his new book, coming out soon, Conversations with a Master Therapist.

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