Writing Your Own Story


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With Jon Barth, we discussed:

  • Journaling to bring self awareness
  • Reacting vs. responding
  • Identifying emotional states through processing
  • Being your best self
  • Growing up through difficulty
  • Loss of self and how to regain self
  • The journey of living up to your full potential
  • The easiest person to change is you

Resources Mentioned...:

  • Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin
  • Lincoln on Leadership by Donald T. Phillips
  • Passionate Marraige by David Schnarch
  • The Strange Secret of the Big Time (What Makes Life Great?) by Frosty Westering

You can connect with Jon Barth at jonbarthbooks.com. Check out his book, The 1% Journal: 366 Challenges for Teachers and Coaches to Increase Their Impact.

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